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Investors have 180 days from a taxable event to place money into a qualified opportunity zone (QOZ) in order to potentially receive significant tax benefits.

An investment in a QOZ vehicle allows investors to potentially defer capital gains tax by reinvesting taxable gains proceeds from the sale of various types of assets.

Suitable assets with taxable gains from the sale or exchange of an asset include the following:



Real Estate




Mutual Fund









Note: Processing times may vary, therefore it is not optimal to wait until day 180 to invest.
QOZ Risk Factors to Consider

There are substantial risks associated with the U.S. federal income tax aspects of a purchasing interests in a qualified opportunity fund. The following risk factors summarize some of the tax risks to an investor. All prospective investors are strongly encouraged to consult with and rely on their own tax advisors. The tax discussion here is not intended, and should not be construed, as tax advice to any potential investor.

  • There is a lack of precedent and limited guidance related to qualified opportunity funds.
  • A program intended to qualify as a qualified opportunity fund may not constitute a qualified opportunity fund for a variety of reasons, including a failure to substantially improve the property within the first 30 months of its operation. If a fund does not qualify as a qualified opportunity fund, then no deferral or elimination of taxable gain will be available to the its members.
  • Investors who hold interests in a qualified opportunity fund through December 31, 2026, and who have deferred gain through that time by acquiring such interests, will automatically recognize some or all of the federal income tax gain that they deferred on December 31, 2026.
  • The state, local and other tax implications of a qualified opportunity zone investment are unclear.

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